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How does it work?

1. Create account

First you’ll have to sign up for your account. Once you have submitted your information it will be reviewed and approved appropriately.

2. Upload your designs

Once your account has been verified you can log in and start uploading your art.

3. Start earning

Once you have uploaded your art it will be published to the store so you can start earning!

Who can join?

Everyone is free to join as long as you are the rightful owner of the work.

Reasons to join

Sell worldwide

We have customers in over 50 countries and ship our canvases from 10 different locations across the world.

We work for you

We do your marketing, customer service, fulfillment, shipping, returns and webdesign. Result? More time for you to create art

Consistent quality

All canvas prints are made from high quality materials and are thoroughly checked after production to ensure consistent quality.

Buy art for less

Buy canvases with your design for 20% less whenever you need them for gifts, an exhibition, or want to sell them offline yourself.

Growing business

We are a young business, founded in 2018 but have been consistently growing since. Last year our turnover increased by 230%

Focus on what you love

We provide a free marketplace where you can sell your designs and keep doing what you love – creating art.

What happens to my artwork?

Your artwork is stored carefully and you continue to control the rights from your art at all times. We only use it for printing and marketing purposes and take full responsibility to protect your intellectual property.

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