How are you helping artists and the environment by buying from HolyMowly?

Find out how you are helping independent artists around the globe and what we are doing to minimalize the environmental impact of printing.
How are you helping artists and the environment by buying from HolyMowly?

Buying a canvas on our platform is not only getting yourself a qualitative and beautifully designed piece of art, you’re also supporting an artist who has put in countless hours of hard work who eventually has been able to monetize his creative thinking.

Artist and customer

All our products are designed by independent artists from many different countries and are uploaded to our platform to be shipped to our customers around the globe. This allows people who buy art to have some unique pieces and at the same time makes it possible for our artists to sell art to people they otherwise couldn’t have reached.

For each purchase that has been made, the original artist receives a payout. We also offer a tipping option, which allows you to add a tip whenever you feel the artists deserves it. The full tipping amount is added to the earnings of the artist.

Shipping, Money & environment

Together we’re also working on a better environment. All our products are sustainably made as HolyMowly uses a unique canvas coating that produces the highest quality images using our UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD Inks. Meaning that our products also have low chemical emissions and contribute to the healthier indoor air.


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