How much commission does the artist earn?

Artists are struggling to earn a better commission. This article talks about how HolyMowly finds a better solution to this and how it's working.
How much commission does the artist earn?

Before signing up, every artist would like to know how much commission they will receive. How much commission are other platforms giving? How much commission do other artists ask? Am I even able to set my own commission?  Are you an artist and do you have one of the above questions? Good! You have landed on the right page. If not, don’t run away! This will still be an interesting read.

HolyMowly strives to offer the best solution to all of these issues. We give artists the complete freedom to set their commission, meaning that the value of your artwork is not determined by us but by you! This freedom can make you more competitive in terms of pricing or also gives you the ability to sell exclusive designs for a higher price, whatever you feel is right for you.

In this way we (literally) offer a world of opportunity by allowing you to sell your work on a global level.

The commission system explained

Let’s see how the pricing system works on our marketplace, the following illustration gives you an overview of our price calculation:

Base price calculation

The Base Price covers HolyMowly’s service fee and the cost of manufacturing. As this prices includes cost of manufacturing it is different for each product.

Artist commission

The Artist commission shows how much you make off of a sale, the markup being the percentage of the base price and the margin being the actual amount expressed in currency.

Ready to give it a try?!

We want to be as transparant as possible and therefore it’s important that we are explaining these important aspects of our collaboration with the artist. However, words can only describe so much and we believe that actually starting is the most important part.

You can sign up and start to experiment with uploading designs and setting your own commission via the button below. Not convinced? We got you! In the read below we go more in dept about different commission types.

What other commission systems do exist

There are two other types of commission systems. The first one is a fixed amount and the other one is a fixed percentage of the order amount.
The fixed amount commission works as follows: If the order amount is 100 USD, 10 USD goes to the artist. This commission amount is agreed upon before the sale happens and is always the same, it is not flexible.
The fixed percentage commission works as follows: If the order amount is 100 USD, 10% goes to the artist which also is 10 USD. This commission allows to grow your commission based on selling price, nonetheless is this commission system not as flexible as we want.

So how is our commission system superior? Let’s say the order amount is 100 USD once again. As explained above this order amount is the result of our base price with the commission added on top of it. Not only can the artist choose to set his or her own commission percentage, it also has a direct effect on the selling price and enable differentation between different artworks.

To summarize

Why did we choose this method? The answer is simple. This allows us to give the artist full freedom to determine what percentage or what amount he or she should get on each artwork. For that reason, the artist can choose how much value should be given to their artwork. The designer can make their products affordable to our customers but also more expensive for exlusive works. For this reason, the price may differ according to the wants and wishes of the artist.

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