Let’s talk HolyMowly

We talk a lot about our artists and products, but what about us? What drives us to do what we do and how will eventually succeed in our journey to become the number one art platform in the world?
Let’s talk HolyMowly

HolyMowly exists to help artists sell their art to customers around the world by providing a platform where they can display and sell their art in various forms.

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In addition to our online platform, we also offer our printing network. This not only allows artists to sell to a wider audience, it also saves time as you don’t have to run a business while still being able to monetize your art.
Ultimately selling art on HolyMowly creates more time to focus on what you love, creating new art.

Currently, many artists are obligated to sell their art on different platforms as each platform offers a different product and/or service. We are striving to create one centralized platform where creative minds can sell art in any form they want, both digital and physical art.

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By making it extremely easy to both sell and buy art globally we help end users and artists with our platform.

Because of this two-sided added value we are growing rapidly and will only grow exponentially in the future as new designs are added to the store on a daily basis which allows us to reach a broader audience and add more unique styles.

Furthermore, our unique artists, skilled team, consistent quality, wide variety of choice but also passion for printing & art is what will allow us to succeed in our journey to become the number one art platform in the world!

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  1. Hi, my name is Nuno, from Portugal. I’m an artist, an acrilic, oil and aquarell painter.

    I’d like to join you, but I’d like to better understand how the artist get paid –

    I upload my art work in your platform, and define my commision; you print and sell it, for the price you can, and then you are paying me my comission, is that correct? If it’s not, please would you be so kind and explain it better?, as simple as you can.

    Thank you, best regards,

    • Hi Nuno, thanks for reaching out! That’s correct. While you are submitting your product you will see that option to set your own commission % on top of our base prices. Our base prices include cost of manufacturing, shipping and our service fee. You can find a detailed explanation by clicking the following link and going to ‘Artist account’ section.

      All the best,

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