Our ambition


HolyMowly originated from the appreciation for independent artists and creators who are passionate about expressing their feelings, emotions & thoughts in the form of photography, illustrations, art or content in general and want to earn money online or not. This, in combination with a passion for entrepreneurship, e-commerce and marketing, has ensured that HolyMowly has emerged as an online platform on which these (online) artists can sell their digital designs as physical products.

At HolyMowly we believe that people find it an added value to be able to buy products directly from other people and thus immediately support these people. When people buy from each other, more emotions are involved and the local “community” feeling that we have been lost to globalization takes place again.

We believe that we can match these core values ​​with the values ​​of the consumer by offering quality & unique products at an affordable price and excellent service.


The goal is to become the top-of-mind platform for creators who want to sell their artwork in multiple forms, on the other hand we want to become the number one platform for consumers to buy creative, fun and unique products. Core qualities to achieve this are the obsessive focus on the human aspect, the quality but also uniqueness of the products and a good service. It is not the intention to sell all products on which a design can be printed, but to sell high-quality and unique products that we are convinced can add value to the lives of the parties involved.

We want to give both our clients and our artists the feeling that they can be unique and create an impact with combined forces in today’s world, which is largely ruled by multinationals.

Are you interested to join our team and grown this platform?

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